this is the process of our artwork production

day 12

Fertig! Sewing process. This video shows how we made it:       Advertisements

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day 6 / 7

Already 2 square meters finished and another two in process.

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day 4

First: count how many corks of each type we have aproximately. This allows us to choose how to use them in the pattern; divide areas of colour, design all kind … Continue reading

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finding a pattern

We finally decided to work on a nomadic pattern. We are designing our own, based on the structure, colors and motifs that commonly appear in nomadic and oriental carpets. There … Continue reading

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starting process51

After moving to university we decided to undo the object and to start something new. We realized there where loads of different possibilities of how to work with the idea … Continue reading

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During the workshop we realized we would never finish our floating object for the deadline and that we also really liked it, that it had wide open possibilities. We decided … Continue reading

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Floating Village Workshop | The beginning

The Floating Village workshop took place on July 2011 in Linz, Austria. The concept was to make different and unique floating objects which would be connected to temporary flexible units. … Continue reading

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Julia Hartig & Alex de las Heras