this is the process of our artwork production

day 4

First: count how many corks of each type we have aproximately. This allows us to choose how to use them in the pattern; divide areas of colour, design all kind of embellishments and know wether if we have enough material or not. We hope we do!

white: 5522 corks aprox = 2,5 m2

dark red: 3314 aprox = 1,5 m2

brown: 1473 aprox = 2/3 m2

recycled dark: 1473 aprox = 2/3 m2

recycled bright: 1473 aprox = 2/3 m2

mild red: 4418 aprox = 2 m2

We looked forward to desgin the pattern at Eleonore Boat so we could get influenced by the space itself; the environment, the surroundings of this last stage in our nomadic journey.

A good friend of us found this awesome cork folder in the flohmarkt, just what we needed to keep our sketches!! Danke!

We are happy and proud of our desing. We love it. We are printing it today; we start sewing today 🙂


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