this is the process of our artwork production

Eleonore Artist in Residence

On board from tuesday 29th May to sunday 10th of june. Low tide in the morning, high tide in the evening, lowing tide again around 00.00 pm. Fishes, ducks, swans, swallows, wind, rain, storms, bolts and thunders, unexpected and surprising human visitors at any time. We love it.

Messschiff Eleonore is a cultural project that includes artist in residence, think-tanks, experimental research and art, supported by Stadtwerkstatt Linz, founded by C. Eder, K. Knopp, and F. Xaver. Last Friday we had a meeting with Franz Xaver. He was interested in our project and offered us a residence at the ship Eleonore based in Winterhafen Linz.

“Der Grundgedanke war, einen neutralen Ort zu schaffen, auf dem neue Ideen entstehen können. Ein Schiff als neutraler, isolierter Ort schien uns dafür am sinnvollsten. Ideen entstehen nicht aus dem Nichts. Nebenbedingungen müssen dafür geschaffen werden. Uns erscheint die Beobachtung der Umwelt als geeignetes Mittel um sich diese Grundlage zu erarbeiten. KünstlerInnen und WissenschafterInnen sind angehalten auf diesem Schiff verschiedenste Messreihen durchzuführen. Dadurch entstand der Beiname:Messschiff Eleonore.” (

Cabin 1. In former times, hundred years ago before Eleonore was bought for one euro in ebay, nine people were working/ living in this place.

Radio station. Looking forward for Franz Xaver to show us how to use it.

Everything is prepared, about 14.000 corks are drilled. Now we´re designing our own pattern, put it into a grid and start sewing the object.

Mama duck warming her eggs.

Additional boat for pleasure and crossing the harbour direction eating at the mensa. On second picture: Franz Xaver and Ferdinand.


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