this is the process of our artwork production

finding a pattern

We finally decided to work on a nomadic pattern. We are designing our own, based on the structure, colors and motifs that commonly appear in nomadic and oriental carpets.

There are different structures of carpets depending on it´s functionality, but it´s most common architecture corresponds to this drawing:

(Source: Wikipedia)

Julia designed a very useful grid to work with, based on a simplified structure and according to the shape of the corks.

Right now we are in the process of simplifying emblems and motifs, following the structure of the grid. As our carpet will have 6 square meters, we decided to divide the grid also this way.

Detailed emblems of nomadic tribes.

Alex started to work with motifs we found in books and carpets, simplifying them into what our material allows us to do, combining the different colors and shapes. Researching on their meanings.

The Tree of Life The Tree of Life: direct path from earth to heaven.

The Tulip: Prosperity

The Camel: wealth

The Star: Spirituality, Good Luck

The Diamond: Women. Two diamonds attached together represent a man and a woman.

Peony: Power. Understood as the power of doing something, of being powerful

Here a useful guide of oriental motifs and their meanings.

Other solutions:


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