this is the process of our artwork production

starting process51

After moving to university we decided to undo the object and to start something new. We realized there where loads of different possibilities of how to work with the idea of recycling and the object we decided to do.

We wanted to use the different colors and shapes of the wine corks to create a pattern so it would be a recognizable carpet. Julia came with the idea of choosing an oriental pattern because it´s world wide known as a handmade carpet. Alex found it a fantastic idea.

Why process51?

Every recyclable material has a number. Corks is 51.

(source: Wikipedia)

Julia stated 51 must be part of the work title. Alex suggested we should communicate we were working on a process. We put it together and we had process51.

It is important for us to show our working process; not as a making of but as what it is: a process of researching into topics, materials, talking to specialists, making interviews, changing and growing.

Therefore we decided to make the project open; open the information, make it transparent so that everyone can follow the process.




We started dividing the wine corks into the different colors and shapes they have.


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